A Simple Plan To Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Nothing in life is easy, but it can be made simple. When you think about your ex girlfriend and how to get her back, I am sure that you have come up with some fantastic stuff ranging from being Prince Charming to announcing on the jumbotron just how much she means to you. It is good to have a plan, but you have to have one that will actually win her back. So let’s stop wasting time and come up with one.

The plan in simple form is to take small steps to get her back. We need to take baby steps in order to make progress. Don’t expect for everything to all happen at once. You will need to take some time and reflection and realize how you got here.

The first step is getting to the root of the problem and going from there. Why did you break up? Were you emotionally unavailable in her eyes? Was she crying out for help to you only to find that you were more interested in ESPN than how she felt? Once you can find out the cause of the problem or the reason she left, the faster you can come up with a solution for it. So the first step is fixing what was once broken.

The next step is to slowly start contact. And by this I do not mean bombard her with phone calls and emails. Start off slow with a friendly call. And if the answering machine picks up, be a normal human being and leave a message. Calling and hanging up just looks sneaky and like you are checking up on her. Besides, everyone has caller ID and can see who called.

The last step is once you are in contact again regularly, then show her you have changed or fixed the problem, don’t tell her. Actions speak louder than words and she will notice much more than you telling her “hey look I don’t curse any more!”

Following these simple steps you will be on your way to getting back your ex girlfriend. It sounds simple and it is, but you need to stick to it and take things day by day and take things as they come. Making your relationship work is something that needs constant nurturing. Like a garden, it will only bloom if it taken care of. Make sure to water your relationship with love regularly.

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